Welcome to the Eclectic Med Restaurant

At the Eclectic Med Restaurant we strive to provide each and every customer with the perfect dining experience… every time. Specializing in rustic, mouth-watering European specialties we use only the finest ingredients from both local growers and regions around the world.

Up-beat and contemporary, the warm and spicy candlelit decor, attentive service, attractive prices and award winning wine list, makes The Eclectic Med Restaurant a great choice for "casual, affordable fine dining".

Our Menu

The menu delivers an eclectic array of appetizers, signature desserts and entrees featuring:

  • Bistro
  • Pasta and stirfry classics
  • Sensational fish
  • Meat, poultry and game
  • Exotic specialities

Highlights include 28day aged Black Angus beef, High Plains Alberta bison, naturally pastured lamb and venison, local woodland foraged rare breed pork, free run, only vegetable fed duck and chicken, and fish from sustainabe wild species, prepared and served with locally grown, in season vegetables.

Our Philosophy

A few words from proprietors, Andrew and Dawn Fradley

"As chef and owner of a restaurant, I have a wealth of the finest ingredients at my fingertips all the time. I can cook a fine meal, sit at an excellent table in beautiful surroundings and be attended by the wonderful serving staff I am proud to have in my employ.

Having said that, I still enjoy dining out when I can. Dieticians tell us we should not eat too much red meat so I open myself up to the full menu. However, there are times when only a steak will do. So when I do go out, and I do order my ‘red meat fix’, the steak had better be good!
Dining out is special to me... So is dining in for that matter. The experience encapsulates memories of the good times spent at the table with family and friends both old and new, breaking bread, sharing wine and food, discussing the day, reminiscing the past and postulating the future.

We do not have to sit down together to eat. We do not have to share the bounty. It is something we choose to do, and each time we choose we are making a small, regular celebration of life, of our connection to each other, of the human spirit.
The steak had better be good, but when I eat out at a restaurant I am also looking for the atmosphere and service to help the experience along. If you are lucky enough, the restaurant will introduce you to the “x-factor”. This is what I call the phenomenon that leads to the suspension of time. It occurs when all the ingredients are present in such a way that, from the moment you enter the door and as the evening unfolds you become so embraced by the warmth of the experience. The passing of time is only evident after you have bid goodbye.

At the Eclectic Med Restaurant we are committed to the “x-factor”. Everything we do, every detail is devoted to providing such a level of experience, for you to feel as I would want to feel, and yes, if you order it, the steak will be good ... Life’s too short for a bad steak!"

Eclectic Med Restaurant
Dinner served Monday thru Sunday 5pm to Close
Lunch served Tuesday thru Friday 11:30 am till 1:30 pm
2915 - 30th Ave
Vernon, British Columbia, Canada